Join artist Thomas Readett for drawing tips and techniques to create a portrait of a person, your favourite furry friend or take it further and make it abstract!

Continuous line drawing warm ups

Using a pen or pencil, select a couple of portraits in the Gallery. Take the line for a walk and draw the whole portrait without taking your pencil off the paper, follow the line around the face and all the features.

Don’t be afraid to create a messy drawing, you’ll see mine below are exactly that!

Facial features warm ups

Draw facial features from a selected portrait work from the gallery, pay close attention to eyes, nose, mouth and even ears. Draw the all different size and in no particular order. You may want to use a different drawing style for each one as I have done below.

Basic shapes

Select two portraits in the Galleries collection, one face with pointy features and another one with more round features. Now using your drawing materials draw the face as shapes! Here is an example of my pointy face, I used lots of triangles, line and hard edges, whereas when you draw the rounded one it will be more circular.

Fall of light technique

Using white pencil or marker on black paper draw only the areas in light, you may want to try this with a sculpture as the light changes as we move around it, this means you can move to a spot you like and draw from there.

Final drawing

Now using two of the techniques you’ve learnt create your own work of art by drawing someone in your family or a pet, I have drawn my dog using a mix of realism and continuous line drawing!