Transform and combine found objects to make sculptural creatures with hybrid features.

  1. Collect a selection of interesting objects.
    Some Ideas: Cardboard rolls, small cardboard boxes, old wrapping paper, wool, string, bendy wire, interesting sticks, leaves, seedpods, from your backyard, or the local park, plastic packaging, pipe cleaners, plasticine.
  2. Look at what you have collected. Play around with ways of putting the pieces together to make a monster.
  3. Use wool or string to wrap and join it all together. Or maybe you have masking tape or sticky tape, or plasticine to hold it all together. If you have a glue gun at home, you could use it to glue your creature together.
  4. To make monster I used a paper cup, a plastic fork, some coloured popsticks, a sparkly pipe cleaner, all held together, by wrapping with some wool.
  5. To make my second monster, I used an egg carton, a cardboard roll, some red net from a fruit bag, a paper plate and a texta to draw the eyes.
  6. To make my third monster, I collected some gumnuts, and some interesting leaves from my garden and wired them together with the
    in florists wire.
  7. Write a story about an adventure that your Monster might have.