Monsters inspired by animals

Animals are Lauren's most favourite thing to draw! A lot of her work involves animal mashups, combining two animals and inventing a new species like a Narwolf, a Zebbit or an Owlpaca.

Animal Mashup

Create your own fantasy creatures inspired by animals that already exist. For this activity you will need coloured pencils, markers and paper as well as some images of animals. You may like to use the images images in the gallery below or images a book at home, or photographs of your pets or wildlife around you.

Activity 1

Choose any two animals to mishmash, mix, and scramble like Lauren has done in her example. Take your time, what animals would work the best to mix. Will you use the legs from one animal and the head from another? You might even use more than one animal! Invent a new name for your species. Think about what kind of environment they would live in and draw its habitat.

Activity 2

Pick one animal you like most and change it into a marvellous monster! Add extra creature features like horns, scales, claws, fur or sharp teeth. Give it loads of expression like it's snarling, growling, howling, squeaking, squawking or meowing! What this new marvellous monster sound like?