Recreate your favourite drawing in a new way

After completing your warm up drawing activities, choose your favourite monster you have created and recreate it using any art materials you like.

For this monster Lauren has given you some suggestions, you could

  • illustrate your monster using pencils, pens and watercolours
  • make a monster collage using coloured paper and magazines.
  • create 3D to make a monster colossal using plasticine, clay or cardboard.
  • find the largest piece of paper you have at home and draw a huge version of your monster that you could paint, cut out and stick on the wall.
  • make a monster mobile buy cutting out your favourite drawings from today’s activities. Attach string to your drawings and hang them off a small piece of branch.
  • get super creative with words and come up with a name for your monster, or a story or poem to go with it.

The possibilities are endless!! Lauren has even provided you with some watercolour backdrop that you could print out and draw on.