Draw and collage creatures and features to mix, match and mash up monsters.

Drawing and Collage Activity

  1. Fold an A4 size piece of blank paper into thirds.
  2. In the top third, draw the head of an animal, bird, insect or sea creature.
  3. When you have finished, fold over the top section so that you can’t see what you have just drawn, and in the middle section draw the body of a different creature.
  4. When finished the body fold over so that you can’t see what you have drawn.
  5. Now, it’s time to draw the legs, or the tail of your creature.

Open up your page and see what you have created.

What could you call your creature?
What sound does it make?
Where does it live?
What does it eat?
Write a story about your creature.

Make it a Monster Mix and Match Game

This activity can be played as a game with other members of your family.

Each player has a piece of A4 paper folded into thirds.

Each person draws a head in the top third. They then fold so that it can’t be seen, before passing their paper to the next person, for them to draw the body of the creature.

When everyone has finished middle drawing, fold so that it is hidden and pass around again and draw the tail, legs or fins.

Only at the end, after the 3 sections have been drawn can everyone open up and see what hybrid creatures have been created.

Create multiple monsters by making a simple flip feature

  1. Fold your A4 paper into thirds, then open up and fold width ways into thirds so that you have 9 rectangular sections.
  2. Draw a hybrid creature in the middle section of your page.
  3. Then draw the tail/legs in the last section.
  4. Fold over and cover the middle drawing and draw a totally different hybrid creature. Make sure that the head is in the top third, body in the middle and tail/legs in the last section.
  5. Using scissors, carefully cut, or ask someone to help you cut, from the edge of paper leaving the middle third intact. As shown in the photo.
  6. Have fun flipping and creating lots of different combinations.

How many different combinations are there?

Collage Activity

Instead of drawing, you may like to download the templates from our Monster Theatres Studio to create a Hybrid Creature flip book.