Winners selected by Ramsay Art Prize finalist Carla Adams

Congratulations to all the young art stars who entered this year’s Start Art Prize. Winners selected by artist and Ramsay Art Prize finalist Carla Adams, and announced by Nici Cumpston, Ramsay Art Prize Judge and Curator of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Art.

Artists Under 3

Franka, Under 3, Rainbow butterfly in the garden, Hand painting.

Congratulations Franka! I love the colours you have used in this painting of a butterfly and the way you have used your hands to create the shape and blend the paint!

Grace, Under 3, Which apple are you?, People as apples. Inspired by my daycare jumper I love so much

Congratulations Grace! The way you have placed the apples on the page makes it seem like they are dancing. The googly eyes make this a very playful and funny work. You must really love your jumper!

Artists 3-5 Years

Beatrice, 3-5 years, Gum leaves in a vase, I tried to make the gum leaves look shiny and to show where the water ended. One leaf was dead.

Congratulations Beatrice! I love this beautiful drawing of gum leaves in a vase. You have used white highlights expertly to show the shiny texture of the leaves. You should be very proud!

Elicia, 3-5 years, Elicia, Elicia with Frida Kahlo dress and flowers and colours and my missing tooth.

Congratulations Elicia! You have captured a lot of expression in your self-portrait. I love all the patterns and stars - they help me to feel a sense of exciting energy when I look at your work.

Artists 6-8 Years

Molly, 6-8 years, Spag Bol, 2023 by Molly O’Brien, My Nanny makes the best spaghetti bolognaise. Mum says it’s called ‘spag bol’ in Australian.

Congratulations Molly! You have made an excellent homage to your Nanny’s spaghetti. By making both a drawing and a sculpture, you give the viewer extra insight into your creative process and intentions.

Richard, 6-8 years, This painting is called Australian Trains, which including the City Circle in Sydney, NSW; the train goes to Werribee in Melbourne, VIC; and the train goes to Blair in Adelaide, SA., Richard is a 7 years old boy, he likes public transportation, he’s interested in various trains to different destinations.

Congratulations Richard, this is a fantastic drawing with lots of details. You must be very observant, which is a great quality for an artist to have. Your knowledge and passion for public transport is evident!

Artists 9-10 Years

Violet, 9-10 years, This is a portrait of our beloved rescue dog "Zero" inspired by the work of Barbara Hanrahan, This is a portrait of my dog Zero. I like how Barbara Hanrahan uses shapes and patterns from nature.

Congratulations Violet, your work is a lovely devotional portrait to a very cute dog. Your use of detail and pattern creates rhythm and I love that you have cut out your work so it feels more organic.

Eleanor, 9-10 years, Artopia: Welcome to the world of the Arts, Artopia is a land that holds many little secrets hidden in it, with messages that will encourage people.

Congratulations Eleanor, what an inventive artwork! You have clearly been very dedicated while making this map of a fantasy land. I love all the details and hidden messages - it's a joy for a viewer to keep looking and discovering.

Artists 11-12 Years

Jarvis, 11-12 years, The Existence (Why Can’t the World Spin the Other Way), A self-portrait of me with my band. Music & art are two big passions I linked them together in this painting

Congratulations Jarvis, This work is fantastic and your passion is evident! I love the way you have carefully painted the fabric in your jumper and jacket and the texture you have achieved in the hair of the figures. You are clearly a very creative person, keep it up!

Valeria, 11-12 years, The cat has a rest on the couch., Valeria is a animal lover. She likes to use art to describe her feelings for animals.

Congratulations Valeria, you have made a wonderful portrait of a very regal looking cat. You have created depth using tone and the lively patterning at the top makes it seem like the cat is dreaming.

It’s a challenge to show the personality of an animal through a drawing but you have done a great job!

Best Caption

White tailed sabre wing hummingbird feeding.This artwork was done in pastel and watercolour.The cutout was made to draw attention to the main subject.

Benjamin, 9-10 years, White tailed sabre wing hummingbird feeding, White tailed sabre wing hummingbird feeding.This artwork was done in pastel and watercolour.The cutout was made to draw attention to the main subject.

Excellent caption about your art work, Benjamin. You have told the viewer about your subject, your process and your artistic intentions. A didactic panel is used in a gallery so we can learn more about the artist and understand their motivations. This gives us a deeper appreciation for their art. You are a talented artist, keep going!