Boab Birds

The boab tree is a distinctive feature in Australia’s north-west. In fact it is found only in the Kimberley, with its nearest botanical relatives being in Africa. The deciduous tree produces large fragrant creamy flowers that appear at night before the start of the wet season. Pendulous, ovoid fruits covered in a velvety brown fuzz appear after flowering and are an important food source sought after by birds, mammals and humans. In this installation, carved boab nuts become a murmuration of birds, echoing their shape-shifting flight paths. These sculptures have been made by nine artists (the youngest aged just sixteen) who live across a vast tract of Kimberley Country on Gija, Jaru, Miriwoong, Marri Ngarr and Murrinh-Patha lands.


Keziah Archie, Kezrah Archie, Gloria Beebe, Margaret Beebe
Jaru people, Western Australia

Bryan Wildbelee Murielle
Marri Ngarr people, Northern Territory

Rosemary Newry, Yvonne Newry
Miriwoong people, Western Australia

Majella Roberts
Murrinh Patha people, Northern Territory

Nathan Thomas
Gija people, Western Australia