Lake Baker

This is Lake Baker. This is a big place, a big lake. Big and white. That’s him there. That’s the Wanampi (water serpent). Wati Wanampi. Watersnake man. He is there at this lake. This is his place. He lives here. All this place is white and that watersnake man is white … Always the same place, Lake Baker. That’s because it’s my place. My father’s place.


Timo Hogan
Pitjantjatjara people, Western Australia
Spinifex Arts Project

Timo Hogan, Pitjantjatjara people, Western Australia, born Kalgoorlie, Western Australia 1973, Lake Baker, 2021, Tjuntjuntjara, Western Australia, synthetic polymer paint on linen, three panels, 300.0 x 200.0 cm (each panel) © Timothy Hogan/Spinifex Arts Project

Photo: Grant Hancock.