Manifesting Country

Ipi (water, rain) is an aerial view of Cowal Creek, where Injinoo is situated at the northern tip of Cape York Peninsula. The creek flows out to the sea, with contrasting colours where the fresh water and salt water meet. The horizontal patterning represents rain. Ayarra (rainy season) reveals the cyclical relationship between water and land and shows the significance of the effects of seasonal weather in Cape York. The top form depicts water bodies and rain patterns, while the land is represented below as an ellipsis. The red horizontal band that runs through the centre of Ani, Ipi, Achah (land, water, sky) depicts the topographical features of ani (the land). This band separates achah (the sky) and ipi (the sea).


Teho Ropeyarn
Angkamuthi/Yadhaykana (Northern Cape York) people, Queensland