Wandjina Emerging

One day a big storm came across our land. Our ancestors went to the cave to get away from the rain and the flood. They all settled in their new home in the cave. They looked out and saw a figure in the clouds they thought was a ghost, but it was Wandjina emerging from behind the biggest storm building up. When the storm came and it rained, the water started to rise. The water rose, but our people, our ancestors were all safe from the rain and flood. Today we still have the monsoon rain and floods still come up, but we will never get flooded out, because we believe he is still watching over us. I've painted the emerging Wandjina coming out of the clouds, like we see at the end of the storm. In our ancestors’ stories, the Wandjina began out at sea gathering clouds and carried them across to the land, finally came out and left his impression on the cave walls. People can see this in the rock art in our Country today.


Angelina Karadada Boona
Wunambal people, Western Australia
Kira Kiro Artists