Yuriyal Eric Bridgeman explores complex and often personal concepts relating to love, brotherhood and belonging. In his practice, which crosses the disciplines of painting, photography and installation, he draws from traditions belonging to his Papua New Guinean heritage, and frequently incorporates the language of sport to communicate ideas and desires.

Bolma Giblin/Pig Head is created through a performance-based work. The artist first prints his portrait on rugby jersey fabric. Often at height, Bridgeman fixes masking tape to sections of the images, applies pink paint and removes the tape, exposing markings that reference designs used on his personal and tribal shields. Bridgeman is interested in physical motions of communication, patterning, repetition, numerical systems and the expression of love within the sport of Rugby League. Bolma Giblin in Yuri language translates to “Pig Head”. The emphasis on the head of the Pig being the prize, one of the great honours one can receive in Papua New Guinea’s Melanesian culture.