Corban Clause Williams is a Manyjilyjarra artist from the Pilbara region who paints with Martumili Artists. His work is informed by time he has spent on Country at Kaalpa, a desert water site that features in traditional stories. Kaalpa, on the Canning Stock Route, is the ngurra (Country) of his two grandfathers, who maintained traditional lifestyles in the region.

Kaalpa (Kalypa, Canning Stock Route Well 23) marks a new direction in the artist’s practice. Attaching a brush to a long pole and moving around the canvas enabled him to experiment with looser mark making, developing a tension with his more precise dot work. He says of the work: ‘Kaalpa is my grandfather Country. I was really happy to go see my grandfathers’ Country – pukurlpa (happy). When I paint, I feel like it’s home. Doing it on the canvas, I feel like I’m standing there back at home.’