'Nicholas Folland’s realm poses speculations for ratbag scientists, fringe dwellers, explorers and dreamers.'
Alexie Glass

Nicholas Folland transforms the everyday, the overlooked and the no longer fashionable. Using domestic crystalware, repurposed taxidermy, ice and other wonders, he makes material metaphors that speak to our history and identity. 

The Extreme Climate of  Nicholas Folland presented key examples of Folland’s work, made over a ten year period, alongside works of art from the Gallery’s collection by Antony Hamilton, Frank Hurley, Narelle Jubelin, Nikolaus Lang, Charles-Alexandre Lesueur and Claude-Francois Fortier, Colonel William Light, Laith McGregor, Ian North, James Shaw, Benjamin Travers Solly and Sera Waters. These works, made predominantly in South Australia, offer a series of parallel tales about climatic extremes, the politics of place and the antipodean quest for adventure.