Bounty: Nineteenth-century South Australian gold and silver celebrates the creative skills and tenacity of colonial artisans. Often arriving in South Australia with little more than the tools of their trade, these gold- and silversmiths including E. Firnhaber, Julius Schomburgk, Jochim Wendt and Henry Steiner, and at slightly later date, August Brunkhorst, Silas Schlank, Frederick Bassé and Louis Suhard, went on to win awards and accolades for their pieces of art.

This exhibition looks at different aspects of nineteenth-century society through such items as the communion silver of churches, the 1852 Adelaide gold pound, Friendly society medallions, civic ceremonial regalia and presentation objects for important citizens and sporting events.

Drawing upon the Art Gallery's extensive holdings of these works, Bounty also showcases examples from public, civic, ecclesiastical, sporting and private collections. By delving into particular works, periods and makers, this exhibition reveals how personalities, social events and public aspirations interweave, and so presents a richer understanding of colonial life in Adelaide.