Erin Coates (b.1977, Western Australia) is a Perth-based visual artist and creative producer working across film, sculptural installation and drawing. Coates’ practice examines our relationship with and within the spaces we build and inhabit, focusing on female physicality and athleticism. With an interest in body horror, science fiction and the abject she often sets up extreme human physical responses in relation to specific spaces to disrupt gendered roles.

Anna Nazzari (b.1976, Western Australia) is a Perth based artist. Her practice focuses on the investigation of mythological tales, superstitions and unusual events that emphasise moral certainty and foster a reading of the absurd. Her work is often painstakingly made and combines old world skills with contemporary art processes to aesthetically convey the contradictory or futile facets of life. Her art practice primarily accommodates 3-Dimensional form but can also incorporate video, drawing and photography.