In Louise Hearman’s paintings and drawings things are not always as they seem. It is up to us to imagine what is glimmering in the half-light or lurking deep in the shadows, as the artist offers no written clues to the evocative content of her works, which are generally left untitled. An underlying sense of disquiet permeates her images.

The power of Hearman’s pictures – exemplified by the seven portraits featured in Divided Worlds – lies in the way they move us emotionally: while we may never comprehend exactly what we are seeing, we can feel their impact in our body and mind. Her paintings and drawings remind us of the capacity of traditional media to affect and stimulate. By combining commonplace imagery with highly personal visions of the unknown and the unknowable, they hint at the compelling non-verbal nature of our thoughts and imaginings.


The artist gratefully acknowledges the Basil Sellers Foundation and the National Sports Museum