The country’s longest-standing survey of contemporary Australian art.

In contrast to recent trends, which reflect the astonishing global power of the electronic media, the works of Unfamiliar Territory have developed a quiet and idiosyncratic language as a reaction against the immense volume of mass communication; Unfamiliar Territory looks for meaning in uniqueness instead of ubiquity.

The physical character of the works featured in the 1992 Adelaide Biennial of Australian Art range from smooth architectural precision to makeshift eccentricity; some objects are perverse and mysterious, others humorous. With an emphasis on selecting artists living beyond the main art centres, Unfamiliar Territory evades conventional notions of painting, sculpture, drawing, printmaking or photography, and marks an exploration into new and unknown terrain.


Timothy Morrell


Daryl Austin, Di Barrett, Richard Bell, Jen Butler, Michael Eather, Bonita Ely, Joe Felber, Louise Forthun, Sieglinde Karl, Shaun Kirby, Joan Letcher, Diane Mantzaris, John McQueenie, John Nelson, Trevor Richards, Christopher Smith, Linda Spowart, Miriam Stannage, Valerie Tring, John Turier, Katarina Vesterberg, Judy Watson, P.A. Widmer, Margaret Worth and Judith Wright.

The 1992 Adelaide Biennial of Australian Art is an Art Gallery of South Australia exhibition presented in association with the Adelaide Festival. The exhibition has been assisted by the Australian Government through the Visual Arts and Crafts Board and Australian Council for the Arts, and generously supported by Foundation S.A. and Santos Ltd.