Slither, stomp, crawl or fly into another creative month! Start Online, and then take the creative fun offline with an array of active and imaginative activities for big and little monsters. Explore the 2020 Adelaide Biennial of Australian Art: Monster Theatres through monster movement, art activities, dance, storytelling and play.

Start Art Workshops
Mix & Match Monster Making

Draw and collage creatures and features to mix, match and mash up monsters.

Digital Sketch Tour
Making Monsters with Lauren Herraman - Part Two

lllustrator Lauren Herraman follows on from her fabulous April sketch tour with a second set of drawing warmups and prompts, to create even more imaginative monsters inspired by the AGSA online Collection

Digital Dance workshop
Monster Movement with Jessie McKinlay

Make monster moves with creative choreographer Jessie Mckinlay, drawing and exploring the lines and shapes we see in art and at home. Manipulate your movements and play with open and crossed shapes using your body!

Storytelling on Screen
A Monstrous Tale with Helen Lawry

A crowd has gathered to marvel and goggle at a monstrous display - but which exhibit will be declared the most incredible? Tune in to a tale by Hans Christian Anderson, adapted by master musical storyteller Helen Lawry.

Animated Activity
Move like a Monster by Robin Tatlow-Lord

How would you move if you had tentacles? How about claws or wings? Every body moves in its own special way, and monster bodies are no different. Have you created a collage monster with our Hybrid Creatures online Studio? Take it further and be inspired to move and groove like a bizarre and boisterous beast!

The Monster Theatres Studio
Hybrid Creatures

Delve into the dark waters of your imagination to make a unique collage creature inspired by the 2020 Adelaide Biennial of Australian Art. Use our templates to make The Studio activity at home and display your creation on a theatre backdrop.

Animated Artist Talk
Erin Coates in the AGSA Studio by Robin Tatlow-Lord

Enjoy a short whiteboard animation capturing Studio feature artist Erin Coates’ fascination with the monstrous mysteries of the ocean.

Start Sounds
Monster Tunes curated by Erin Coates

Music to make monsters to… or for a monster dance party at home.

Start at Home
Fabulous Floral print

Have you ever made art with vegetables? This is your chance! May is also the perfect time to get inspired by the multi-talented artist, designer and pioneering embroiderer, May Morris. Gather some paint, a potato and a celery and create a colourful floral print with our downloadable activity sheet.

AGSA Education

For remote learning find an extensive range of resources help students to examine, explore and respond to works of art and the concepts they evoke.

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