Celebrate Tarnanthi and Vincent Namatjira: Australia in Colour!

Make sure to dress COLOURFUL and pose like an all-star for a pic. Rock out to a massive line-up of local bands and work with artist Rachael Anderson to make your own band poster. Join Claire Wildish to create a pop-up world or hang out with the 2023 Neo Ambassadors in a DIY cardboard fort!

🎸 Live Performances
Location: Courtyard

6.00pm -Olivia Callaway
6.30pm - Ms Expectations
7.00pm - Ratvioli
7.30pm -Halftime Oranges
8:00pm - Outer Suburbs

πŸ‘‘ Dress up theme


✨ Posters with Rachael Anderson
Location: The Studio

Join Rachael Anderson to make dedicated band posters inspired by Tiger Yaltangki's work.

πŸ—ΊοΈ Pop-ups with Claire Wildish
Location: Vincent Namatjira: Australia in colour (Gallery 9)

Join Claire Wildish to create a pop-up world inspired by Vincent Namatjira's pop-up works in Gallery 9

🎀 Karaoke
Location: Tarnanthi (Gallery 23)

Belt out an ACDC classic against the backdrop of Tiger Yaltangki's posters!

πŸ“¦ Cardboard Fort
Location: Courtyard

Join the 2023 Neo Ambassadors to build and decorate a cardboard fort.

βœ‚ Badgemaking
Location: Gallery 22

Wear your art with pride and make a badge

🍴 Snacks
Location: CafΓ©

Grab a fairy floss from Fairy Floss Galore or a savory snack! Vegan and gluten free options available.

πŸ“Έ Photobooth
Location: In front of the Info Desk

Grab your friends a snap some memories!

πŸƒ Relaxation Zone
Location: Misty Mountain, Shining Moon - between cloaking and the info desk

Need to chill out for a moment? Take a breather and walk through our new display, Misty Mountain, Shining Moon: Japanese landscapes envisioned. Earplugs and earmuffs available from the cloakroom.

Presented by

  • The Balnaves Foundation