Discover alternative ways that your students can enhance their inquiry skills and historical understanding at the Art Gallery of South Australia, Centre of Democracy and Migration Museum.

Welcome to Country with Mickey O'Brien
Morning tea and lunch

Art Gallery of South Australia
Use works of art learn to about colonisation, the interaction of people, places and environments, and the political development of Australia. Hear from Lisa Slade, Assistant Director, Artistic Programs, and participate in making and responding activities which can be easily adapted for your class, helping students to engage with Australia's history through works of art in the collection.

Centre of Democracy
Explore the hidden story behind Governor Gawler’s Feast by Martha Berkley 1838 using Visual Thinking Strategies. While handling objects, discover the story behind each piece and how they can be used to further engage with the content of the painting.

Migration Museum
White Australia has a Black History - Challenging Perspectives
Explore the Migration Museum and engage with differing perspectives of the history of this continent 1836- 1900.
Learn to cast a critical eye and ear to the way history is represented and told. Whose voices are heard? Silenced?