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Draw your (S)words Poetry

Draw your (S)words, was co-founded by Wallis Prophet in 2015, and has now become one of the most renown poetry nights on Kaurna Land. DYS now operates under Community ArtReach and has been hosting bi-monthly poetry events and creative writing workshops over the past 9 years to promote social inclusion, build confidence and connect through storytelling. DYS prides themselves on the safe and welcoming space they offer to writers and performers of all levels, their ethos is to celebrate and highlight local artists in the community, whilst supporting accessible grassroots businesses.

Praise Mangena is a multidisciplinary performing artist, based in Kaurna Country-Adelaide, with strong interests in dance and poetry. Over the last two years she has featured in a variety of events and performances such as SA Playwrights Reading Night (2022/24), WOMAD (2022), Mixed Bag Poetry (2023), Soul Lounge (2023) and JAUMA FEST (2023). She has most recently debuted as a music video director under the company of Adverse Reign for ‘KABALA’ (by Magajie) and this sets as a continuation of her exploration in art now adding scriptwriter as a skill.

Stephanie Joy Mylan is the honeydew in your morning tea. As a Queer, POC writer and creator, she seeks to explore the many multitudes of connection, love and sensuality. Featuring yearly at Feast Festival since 2019, the Writer’s SA short story finalist examines closely how we learn through love’s presence as well as its absence. Drawing in what is tender and paralysingly heart breaking, the softly spoken artist will have you question what it means to navigate the world with a closed heart. And the fierce love required to break it open. Harmonising all at once the melodic and compelling. The painful and bittersweet. The love and grace held in each generation. And how the full spectrum of all our moments is what makes an entire life. Be prepared to wonder. Break. Love. And surrender. Again and again and again from her spoken form.

Holly is a new to the poetry scene, she is a professional English teacher with a passion for creative expression - particularly in poetry. A lifelong writer, she practices what she preaches to her students in regard to clear, concise communication and creative written and spoken expression. She has recently joined the Adelaide poetry scene through a handful of performances at recent Draw Your (s)words open mic and slam poetry events. Holly's poetic style is passionate; inherently speculative and conversational, with a penchant for metaphor and wordplay, her poetry draws from a myriad of personal experiences and observations.

Arantza García is a spoken word poet, sociology student, and Peruvian-Australian member of the Latin American community in Adelaide. As a new poet, but long-time artist, Arantza uses her story-teller voice to bring life into the dead, quiet moments that surround us, as she explores her ever-evolving cultural identity, and the silent poetry of our everyday lives.

Brooke Williams is a poet living, learning and loving on Kaurna Land. Affectionately known to her community by the name Beedubz, she writes ceremoniously about the kooky world and the sentient beings around her.
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Step into the post-apocalyptic world of Workhorse with dreamy alt-country-indie-rock music reflecting on life's biggest questions.

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