WINHANGANHA, a Wiradjuri word that can be translated to ‘remember, know, think’, is bold re-envisioning of history by Wiradjuri artist, poet and filmmaker Jazz Money. It is a lyrical journey of archival footage and sound, examining how archives and the legacies of collections affect First Nations people and broader Australia.

The film emerged from the National Film and Sound Archive’s Re/Vision project, which invited a creative to build a new work from the national digital audiovisual collection. Money’s work brings together film, television, audio and music from the advent of these technologies, and weaves them into a five-act poem acknowledging the horrors, joys and beauties held within the archive.

WINHANGANHA is centred upon the belief that it is our own bodies that are the truest archive of our experience, and that any documentation is only ever an approximation of the person doing the gazing – not the gazed. Our stories exist far beyond the colonial gaze.
Jazz Money


South Australian Gala Premiere and Q&A with Jazz Money
Saturday 2 March, 7pm

Encore Screening
Sunday 3 March, 11am
$17, $15 concession

Presented by the National Film and Sound Archive of Australia and The Mercury in association with the 18th Adelaide Biennial of Australian Art: Inner Sanctum.