Place made
Birmingham, England
3.4 cm (diam.)
Accession number
Signature and date
Obverse Description: At centre within two concentric rings of text divided by a beaded circle, a male lion standing to left with head crowned facing front, its right paw is raised and rests on a shield bearing the Union Jack, its tail curved back over its body. Around, .HIDE & DE CARLE. GROCERS & WINE MERCHANTS / . ELIZABETH STREET . MELBOURNE Reverse Description: Female figure representing Justice seated on a wool bale with legs to left but her head and upper body to front. A wine barrel lies on the ground behind her, its end decorated with a cross to hint at a Union Jack (as found beside Britannia on the copper coins of the period). A three-masted sailing ship sails to the right on the horizon to the left. Justice wears a blindfold and extends a balanced set of scales with her right hand. With her left she holds an inverted cornucopia from which fruits flow onto the ground. She wears an ancient-style of flowing dress bound at the waist, her left arm bare and right draped to near the elbow. Around above; MELBOURNE, VICTORIA. in exergue; 1857
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International decorative arts and design