Tracey Emin
Save Me

Tracey Emin, Britain, born 1963, Save Me, 2018, London, neon, 48.0 x 122.0 cm; Gift of Peggy Barker, Dianne Finnegan, David McKee AO, Pam McKee, Jill Russell and Tracey Whiting through the Art Gallery of South Australia Foundation Collectors Club 2018, Art Gallery of South Australia, Adelaide, © Tracey Emin/Copyright Agency.

Tracey Emin was born in London in 1963.

She started making art in the 1990's.

She soon gained public attention because her work often caused angry discussion.

Tracey’s art sometimes shocked people.

One art work was called My Bed.

This was her real bed. It was messy, with dirty sheets.

On and around the bed are lots of personal items.

This work came close to winning the important Turner Prize.

Today Tracey is famous for this style of art.

A lot of Tracey’s art is about her personal life.

She mostly works in sculpture, painting and drawing.

In Save me, Tracey uses brightly coloured lights, called neon lights.

It is shaped to look like Tracey’s handwriting.

Tracey has used this style of art for a long time.

Tracey’s use of neon over many years is an interesting choice.

Neon light is often used in advertising signs and street signs.

In her art, it hints at her becoming a celebrity,

someone who is famous.

The meaning of Tracey’s work is not really clear.

Does Tracey really need saving?