Tracey Emin
Save Me

Gallery 15

About this work of art

Audio description of the work of art

Save Me by British artist Tracey Emin is a sculpture made of electric neon tubing. Created in 2018, it is 48cms high and 122cms long. Brackets hold the sign at a distance of 7cms from the wall.

Neon tubing is bent and looped to create the words, Save Me, to imitate the artist’s own handwriting. The two words, - Save Me - capital ‘S’ capital ‘M’, are underscored and emphasised by a length of tubing. A third length of tubing forms a long ‘V’ as it travels up, intersecting with the first line, underscoring only the word ‘Save’.

The neon letters are brightly lit, as is the air around them, in a soft glow. Save Me is illuminated in purple and scrawled in a slanted hand - the ‘S’ is a lazy sweep and the largest of the lettering, but sits the lowest, as the phrase forms a gentle incline. A small vertical line of tubing positioned to the right of the word ‘Me’, forms a purple full-stop. Below the words, the lines which underscore the lettering are illuminated in red. The two colours merge, creating a red and purple glow between them.