Bring the artist into the classroom

Introduce your students to Erub Arts Collective using the video below.

Find Erub Island on a map of Australia. How far away is it from where you live?


What do the colours used in the sculptures remind you of? Describe what the materials might feel like.

Look closely at the patterns on the sculptures. What shapes can you see?

Imagine you are one of the jelly fish like those on display in the Studio. Use your body to move like a jelly fish.

Find out what materials ghost nets are made from, how they are constructed and used by commercial shing boats. Discuss some of the reasons why the nets end up as marine debris and are consequently damaging to marine life. Brainstorm some potential solutions to these issues.

Marion Gaemers, Australia, born 1958, Sydney, Coral panel, 2017, Townsville, Queensland, recycled discarded fishing nets, rubber, metal armature, dimensions variable; Courtesy the artist and Erub Arts; photo: Lynnette Griffiths.

Making and responding

Be an environmental storyteller