Bringing your story to life

Led by Aboriginal artists and curators, this online professional development workshop provides educators with suggestions on incorporating First Nation artists into the classroom in a meaningful and culturally appropriate way.

This online workshop will feature artists from Yarrenyty Arltere and Tangentyere Art Centres and focus on the way relationships between people, culture and country can be conveyed through works of art, including animation. You will have an opportunity to view rarely seen animations in AGSA's collection and hear from the artists about how they bring their stories to life with the use of static works of art, sound, audio and a camera.

Included in the session:

  • Presentation by Nici Cumpston, Curator of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander art and Tarnanthi Artistic Director and Dr Lisa Slade, Assistant Director - Artistic Programs (pre-event learning - this recording will be sent a week prior to the workshop to watch in advance)
  • Behind the scenes tour of Yarrenyty Arltere and Tangentyere Art Centres including artist talks.
  • Strategy based and hands-on workshop led by AGSA Education Coordinator, Kylie Neagle.

You will need

  • Internet connection
  • Zoom application
  • Smart phone that you can take photographs/video with
  • Tripod for your phone (optional - but this will make the hands on component easier
  • Stage/plain backdrop (this could simply be a plain wall or box on your desk to use as the backdrop for your animation)
  • Drawing/painting materials (up to you what you would like to use)
  • Paper or coloured cardboard to draw/paint on
  • Scissors and glue
  • Multiple photocopies of family photographs you are happy to cut up. We recommend having a variety so you have a lots to choose from when telling your story.

Terms and conditions