This first session features artists Julia Robinson and Luke Thurgate. Both presenters will suggest ways of thinking through art making and the importance of practice and experimentation. A hands-on practical component is included during the session so make sure you have your materials ready.

Materials list

  • Please source and print three or more images of artworks (multiples printouts at varying scales may be fun). Ideally one should be a contemporary work and the others from a range of historical periods.These will form the basis of a collage exercise. Consider having something figurative/representational and something spacial/formal.
    Tip: Source your images from either AGSA's Online Collection or The Met
  • Additional collage material (other found images)
  • A4 sheet of paper, scissors, glue stick
  • Basic drawing materials (graphite, charcoal, eraser, drawing paper)  A few sheets of white paper, newsprint or butchers’ paper (A3 or larger)
  • Masking tape
  • Pencil and pen or permanent marker
  • A selection of small objects to choose from. Suggested scale and complexity of a coffee mug, shoe, water bottle, small ornament, vase, lamp base, camera, teapot etc.
  • Optional: Sheets or rolls of patterned paper (e.g. leftover wrapping paper)
  • Optional: piece of calico or cotton fabric (patterned or plain, approx. 1/2 square metre to a square metre) and pins