AGSA is channelling its energy into the online space during this time

Exhibition season update

The Art Gallery of South Australia reopens its doors to the public on Monday 5 June. Monster Theatres is extended until Sunday 2 August.

While the monsters have gone into isolation, and AGSA's collection is at rest, we are channelling energy into the online space, creating digital experiences and virtual tours of the 2020 Adelaide Biennial of Australian Art: Monster Theatres, AGSA exhibitions and our collection.

AGSA is working on producing informative and imaginative online encounters of Monster Theatres. We will continue to platform our artists as they re-introduce their monsters and bring them into the theatre of the digital realm.

From the Director

In this immensely strange world, art is our lifeboat. Artists create portals to the imagination, to history, to the future, to emotions and to thought. Never in my lifetime has the role of art in society been distilled so clearly, as artists offer solace and criticality in equal measure.
Rhana Devenport, ONZM

Virtual Tours

AGSA has visualised the 2020 Adelaide Biennial of Australian Art: Monster Theatres through virtual tours, artist interviews and video content. New Virtual Tours are added weekly.

Stelarc's Reclining Stickman, a nine-metre robot is streaming live from the Gallery and can be operated remotely from wherever you are.

Take a private tour of the Gallery, led by AGSA's knowledgable Assistant Director, Dr Lisa Slade for SATV.


Neo, AGSA's dedicated program for teens, has shape shifted into the digital space. An online program of new and imaginative activities relating to Monster Theatres is accessible through the Monstrous Neo portal, including the exclusive June event, Neo Shapeshifters.

Start at the Gallery

Start at the Gallery continues to introduce children to art with Start at Home activities, including ongoing digital programs for the 2020 Adelaide Biennial of Australian Art, Start Online: Monster Moves and Start Online: Monster Sounds.

Access Programs

Access Programs are creating digital visual and auditory experiences for Deaf, hard of hearing, blind and vision-impaired visitors. This includes our Art in Auslan Glossary as well as our Accessible Audio Guide which bring our collection to everyone, anywhere, anytime.

Podcasts & Video

The Podcasts and Video page is regularly updated with Lunchtime Talks as well as new audio and video content created specifically for digital engagement. An archive of our podcasts are available on AGSA's SoundCloud and videos on AGSA's Vimeo account.


Our extensive range of resources help students to examine, explore and respond to works of art and the concepts they evoke. These resources are available online and include a dedicated program to engage students with Monster Theatres at home, as well as how to plan your school visit once the gallery reopens.

First Fridays

Stay up late and enjoy a curated First Fridays program from home with AGSA's ongoing digital iteration of after-hours art and entertainment.

Online Collection

To date, approximately 40% of AGSA 45,000 collection records are available to view in the online collection. During our temporary closure, we are focusing our efforts on updating our online collection with works and more information.

Social Media

Follow our social media for updates, daily content, and activities to enjoy from home.